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To suit your needs

Choose from a wide variety of sanitary equipment to meet all your needs. Rental is available in short-term (7 days or less) and monthly (28 days) formats. Monthly rentals include weekly maintenance.

However, it is always possible to increase the frequency of maintenance according to your needs. All our toilets are disinfected, cleaned, repaired with original parts and inspected before being sent to a new site.

Unit Pick-up & Delivery

We provide affordable and clean portable toilet units. We have standard, wheelchair accessible units, & ADA units.

Regular Unit Maintenance

All of our units are regularly cleaned and sanitized on schedule, as requested by the customer.

24-Hour Delivery

We are available around the clock to provide on-call service, as well as deliveries to our customers.

Standard Portable Toilet Unit

Construction Site Services LLC offers portable toilet rentals for Seattle and surrounding areas including event portable toilets, women’s portable toilets, wheelchair-accessible portable toilets, urinal stations, elevator half cans, hand wash stations, waste, recycling, and totes for rent.



Available with a variety of options with the newest and cleanest portable restrooms in the industry today.



Our Toilets are a readily available resource for construction, events, and disaster relief efforts.



Needing only a level surface and easy installation whether for a small workforce or a large crowd.

Wheelchair Accessible & ADA Unit

The Wheelchair accessible portable toilet includes an extra wide doorway for easy access, an entrance ramp, and handrails for support. These features make the Wheelchair accessible portable toilet appropriate for wheelchair or walker access or parents with small children or strollers.



The ADA toilet units have plenty of interior space providing extra room for mobility impaired people.



ADA toilet comes equipped with interior handrails that offer extra support, making maneuvering inside the unit more safe.



About four times the size of a standard portable toilet, ADA toilet units can also be used as a Family-friendly restroom.

Handwash/Sanitizer Station

Our Portable Hand Washing Stations offer your guests or workers a convenient way to wash their hands in an environment where regular plumbing is not available. Washing your hands and maintaining a clean environment should be a top priority at your event or work site, preventing illness and contamination. Renting one of our sanitary Hand Washing Stations will dramatically improve hygiene when you need it most.



Handwashing units can be set up outside restroom facilities and also near food stands so people can wash up before eating or preparing food.


easy to set up

If your event or construction site doesn’t have access to running water for hand washing, we offer easy, portable solution.


high quality

Our portable handwashing station is top of the line quality and can accommodate up to 600 hand washes.

Flyable/Hook Units

The hi-rise portable toilet is specifically designed for contracting and construction job sites located in high-rise buildings, which may, or may not, have available elevators. However, this porta potty is also ideal for those special events that are in apartment buildings or other remote locations that require portable restroom facilities. The hi-rise porta potty is the perfect solution, due to its small size and maneuverability.



Our hook portable toilets are durable and able to hold up frequent loading, unloading and maneuvering.



Made to be lifted by crane, will provide privacy and accesability at almost any hard to reach spot.



Using heavy duty crane sling for easy delivery to the upper floors at construction sites.

RV pumping

One of the biggest headaches for travellers can often be the process of unloading dirty wastewater from within your recreational vehicle’s holding tank. Our RV pumping service provides on-demand and emergency black and grey waste water disposal, system cleaning and maintenance, and dedicated customer service.


Skip the long lines

No more waiting in long lines at an RV dump station.


Easy and hassle-free service

We provide same-day or next-day service. Let’s get your vehicle’s bathroom back online!


On-Site RV Pumping

Stay right where you are and let us come to you and get those black and gray water tanks emptied!

Holding Tank pumping

We provide holding tank cleaning services for any job site trailer, event site, or construction site with a temporary restroom. It’s important to get your tank regularly inspected and maintained throughout its life-cycle to prevent minor issues turning into bigger, smelly ones! Construction Site Services provides regular maintenance, holding tank inspections & repairs, and holding tank cleaning to minimize your risk of a build-up.


Experienced team

We have trained professionals with experience in dealing with hazardous wastes and drainage networks.



If you are looking for a reliable sewage and holding tank cleaning company in King, Pierce and Snohomish County. We can help!



We have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure our pumping teams have access to the latest technologies for our holding tank cleaning projects.

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